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Deploying on AWS a container-based application with deep learning on GPU

This post follows my first technical post which presented the system I am trying to build. All code is available on github. In this post, I will present an answer to the following problem: How can we deploy an application which: uses deep learning and GPUs is interfaced with the rest of the system (ie…
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Roller Derby, Computer Vision and AWS

In-between missions is a good time to hone your skills on your various subjects of expertise, or learn how to use new tools, or keep up with recent advances in research. I decided to mix all these in a personal project: keep in touch with deep learning advances and ready-to-use models in computer vision get…
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How to recruit a data scientist in a context of scarcity ?

Recruiting a data scientist (in the largest definition, AI specialist) is a hard task, in particular for senior profiles : few profiles, high salaries, and the complexity of the tech involved makes it difficult to assess their skills without having a data scientist helping you.This post aims at pointing out a few things that will…
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Hello world!

First of all, welcome on my page! This is my professional page as a freelance data scientist, and I tried to explain as best as possible what I can bring to you by leveraging my experience and expertise both technical and project-wise. If you have any question, please feel free to contact me! Second, I’ll…
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