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Cyril Poulet

Senior data scientist & AI expert


Welcome to my page !

Consulting in data science

With several years of experience in data science in the private sector, I will help you define your needs (product, team), or audit your current practices. I can also help you plan your AI projects all the way to production.


Proficient in several AI frameworks (OpenCV, Tensorflow, etc), I will create a minimal functional PoC to evaluate your product idea quickly. I will help your team understand the PoC and take it in charge to transform it into a full product.

Architecture for Amazon AWS

Certified AWS Associate Architect, I will help
you transfer your system in AWS cloud to make it highly avaliable, fault tolerant and cost optimized while respecting all your constraints and obligations.

What I offer

My experience as AI engineer

I have created AI systems from scratch to production, and will be able to understand your idea and create the AI system that will realize it. If necessary, I will help you identify the challenges involved, and how to concentrate on key features to quickly get a working product.

My experience in startup / small companies

Data science in small companies is a complex and challenging subject. I will help you optimize this process, choose the right candidates for your team, and will advise you on how to integrate AI in your company.

My technical background

I will create a python PoC demonstrating the feasibility of your idea. I will use either the libraries your team already uses for quicker integration in your product, or the latest versions of the best data science libraries. I will then help your team to take over the code, build on it and integrate it.

Cloud AWS

Certified AWS Associate Architect, I will help you design your cloud-based solutions, or help you migrate your existing solutions while ensuring availability, fault tolerance and cost optimization.

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